note on domains

just some minor updates and subdomain aspirations.

I bought the domain recently for making a “coding portfolio” to replace evil linkedin. I’m moving this personal blog to my cool hacker domain will be retired in a few months back to ICANN. from dust to dust. is shorthand for AC^2 or acsquared: my initials for my full(ish) name. I wanted it to be as short as possible to attached modules to it like my git server at, postgresql+mariadb servers at, and alps webmail at

I’m hoping to add some more subdomain modules for peertube (, mycorrhiza (, xmpp (several subdomains) and maybe a subdomain for my apis I’m messing around with (, but I’m getting way too aspirational now.

and lastly, I’ve updated my public pgp key to adding email identities for,, + to my key, so in case you have my older pub, I can decrypt it just fine, but it won’t have my newer identities. It may also sign funny but I haven’t checked myself, so please update if you care about that stuff.